Increase the profit of your ads on Facebook and Instagram with 1 click of your mouse

Hackr Ads in the Media:

How it works?

Profit from Facebook ads in 3 easy steps:

Create ads in “ Ad Manager 2.0”

You create your ads in the Hackr Ads, faster, easier, and totally step by step.

See the Doctor’s suggestions

Our tool analyzes information from your ads and offers suggestions of what you should do to profit.

Apply the suggestions with 1 click

With a mouse click, we apply changes on your ads to automatically increase your profits.

The robot that has already invested more than $ 100 million in ads, working to make you profit

While your competitors spend hours and hours analyzing the data from the campaigns to know what to do, you can do all this in a professional way by clicking a button.

Create professional designs for your ads in a few clicks

Our technology can be used in any product category and in any market.

Easy Video and Image Ad Maker

More than 10,000 videos ready for you to use

Make animations effortless

More than 30,000 images for you to use

More than 650K professional images for you to use

Automatic Background Image Remover

Our technology can be used in any product category and in any market

See who’s using Hackr Ads to increase profits with ads:

Small Business

An affordable solution for beginners.


Manage multiple customers at the same time.


Make more profit without increasing your investment.

Affiliates and InfoProducts

Accelerate your sales of digital products and courses.

Traffic Managers

Work fewer hours per day managing your customers.

Technology authorized under contract signed with Facebook

We have Facebook authorization established in 2 signed contracts to develop technologies in partnership.

Up to 92.5% reduction in ad costs

See what our users say about the Hackr Ads:

See your results improve in the first few days using the tool

If not, you can cancel the trial at any time.

Use Hackr Ads unlimitedly paying only $35 per month

After being charged, you still have 7 more days to claim 100% of your money back if you don’t like what you tried.

An arsenal of online tools for you to profit from ads

Access all our tools in the same subscription:

Create and manage ads, faster and easier.

Access up to 20 times more options of publics to advertise.

Generate detailed campaign reports with 1 click.

Personalized suggestions for improvements to increase your profit.

Manage your campaigns by creating automatic rules.

Create professional designs for your ads in a few clicks.

Do you have more than one ad account?

With Hackr Ads you can manage up to 700 accounts with the same subscription

Gain access now to our university with more than 8 courses with the best in the digital market!

Learn all the skills of the digital market from the greatest, like The King of Traffic, the Marketing Wizard, Max Peters, Lucas Gilbert, and Marcelo Távora. Altogether, there are more than 8 bonus courses with over 80 classes in total.

Here’s what you’ll get by subscribing to Hackr Ads today:

Quick tool for creating Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Diagnostic and improvements tool with

1 click.

Advanced 1 click graphing and reporting generator.

Tool to perform expanded searches of publics.

Expert support via chat on the platform.

Manage up to 700 ad accounts.

Use Hackr Ads unlimitedly paying only $35 per month

7 days warranty: 100% of your money back.

Access to our university courses.

7 day guarantee: 100% money back

Expert support via chat on the platform

Access to our university courses.

Full Plan

$ 35

/ month.

All tools

Access to our entire University

Manage up to 700 ad accounts

Cancel whenever you want

Full Support

7 days warranty

Did you have any questions? We answer here:

Click on the question to see the full answer

1 – What is Hackr Ads?

The Hackr Ads is a platform to create and optimize ads and campaigns, helping to create, analyze and improve your ads automatically. Hackr Ads helps you get your campaigns right faster, reducing testing time and accelerating your results.You can better understand Hackr Ads by watching our demo video. Click here to watch.

2 – What are the tools available for ads on Facebook and Instagram?

Currently, we have six tools. Are they:

Campaign Management: Manage your campaigns easier and faster compared to Facebook’s ad manager.

Target: where you can have access to a hidden library with dozens of other interests that will help you to reduce your costs.

Doctor: Make a complete diagnosis of your ads, campaigns, ensemble of ads and even receive tips to improve your results.

Analytics: gives access to a complete dashboard with real-time comparative data on the performance of all your traction channels.

3 – Do you have any tools for ads on Google?

For Google Ads, we have Keywords, a tool that will generate thousands of keyword matches and combinations with just a few clicks. This tool saves at least 30 minutes to create search campaigns on Google based on keyword matches.

4 – I’ve never done ads before. Can the tool help me?

Yes! In addition to the tools and the possibility to create your ads quickly, dynamically, and simply, we also offer courses related to digital marketing for various audiences, including beginners.

5 – What are the available plans? How do they work?

Atualmente o Hackr Ads trabalha somente com um plano anual, onde o usuário, ao fazer a assinatura, recebe 12 meses de acesso à todas as nossas ferramentas. Salvo ao produto Loja de Públicos, que, a depender da oferta, tem os créditos vendidos separadamente.

6 -I have 7 days of warranty?

All plans will have a 7-day warranty period. If you don’t get results with Hackr Ads, just contact our support during this period and we will refund you 100% of the money invested in the subscription to the platform.

7 – And after the warranty period?

After the guarantee, it is still possible to request the cancellation of the plan. However, it is no longer possible to make a refund. Thus, if you have chosen to split the total amount of the plan, you will still have to pay the remaining installments.

8 – Is the renewal automatic?

Yes. Like any subscription service, it is automatically renewed. If users do not want this to happen, it is their responsibility to request cancellation, either through Hackr Ads or directly through Hotmart. The warranty period, as well as the possibility of a refund, follows the same terms as the first purchase.

9 – What are the payment methods?

We accept any of the plans: credit card, debit card, Pay Pal, Samsung Pay, and your Hotmart account balance.Credit card payments make it possible to split your plan up to 12 times.

10 – How does the platform support work?

You will have access to our service and support team through tickets and our chat.

There you will be able to ask any questions about our platform, about courses and about ads in general.The service is open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm (Brazil Standard Time).

On weekends and holidays, the chat is closed, however, we receive messages offline.Messages sent as a ticket or via e-mail will be answered on the next working day.

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