HACKR ADS Terms of Use

HACKR ADS Terms of Use

1. Ownership and Presentation

This HACKR ADS digital platform is exclusively owned and managed by HACKR SOLUÇÕES DE PERFORMANCE DIGITAL LTDA, hereinafter referred to as HACKR ADS, with address at Rua Arrudas, nº 225, Santa Lúcia, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, zip code 30360-400, enrolled in the National Registry of Legal Entities of the Ministry of Finance under Number 35.813.513/0001-04.

This Terms of Use intends to set out the conditioning rules for the use of the HACKR ADS platform, whose object is defined as automation and optimization of Facebook advertising campaigns, including the collection of email subscribers and the creation of personalized Facebook audiences.

The platform’s proposal is to make life easier for those who make online ads, so that they profit more and more from this type of ads, investing less time and less money.

It is important to highlight that, in addition to these terms, the other accessory and specific documents of the platform are an integral and inseparable part, such as the Privacy and Security Policy and other particular conditions that may be presented and accepted by the USER in a tacit or express way, as appropriate.

2. Object and Definitions

As stated, this document establishes the terms for use of the features of HACKR ADS platform.

All terms and conditions listed here must be followed by HACKR ADS itself and by all persons (USER OR USERS) who access and/or use the HACKR ADS platform.

In order to help understand the document, it is important that the USER understand the following terms:

“Access Account” is the personalized, individual, and non-transferable space of the USER accredited in HACKR ADS that will enable identification and access to the features.

“Intellectual Property” is any, and all intellectual property owned by HACKR ADS or a third party that has been licensed and/or authorized to use, such as trademarks, patents, inventions or utility models, industrial designs, know-how, secrets of business, illustrations, photographs and / or any screen content of HACKR ADS platform or any intellectual works or other content used by HACKR ADS.

“Support” is the HACKR ADS USER customer service, functionality created to serve as a contact channel that enables the resolution of any doubt, problem or possible requests related to HACKR ADS.

3. Conditions of Access and Use of the HACKR ADS Platform

Access to features of HACKR ADS platform such as Target and the University, can only be done by USERS who purchase the tool.

The USER who registers on the HACKR ADS platform must express their consent to these terms. Access to the features of the tool is conditioned to this acceptance.

In case of updates, the guarantee of continued use of HACKR ADS also requires acceptance of new versions.

Thus, the USER declares to have read and accepted these Terms of Use and its accessories before starting to use HACKR ADS.

The USER acknowledges and accepts that the use of the HACKR ADS will be done at his/her own expense, responsibility, and risks, committing to use it in accordance with these Terms and its accessories, with the current legislation applicable in the Brazilian legal system, moral, good manners, and public order.

The USER undertakes, under its full and unrestricted responsibility, not to violate any of the provisions agreed in these Terms or its accessories, rights of other USERS, rights of third parties. Therefore, the USER is not allowed to make unauthorized access to third-party accounts, in addition to being expressly prohibited to use the HACKR ADS platform to carry out illegal acts under the terms of the applicable legislation in force and the provisions of this instrument.

It is important that the USER understands the functionalities of HACKR ADS, not using them for different purposes for which they are being made available. That is, the use of HACKR ADS must correspond to the purposes set forth in these terms and on the platform.

The USER may also not use mechanisms other than those expressly enabled or recommended by HACKR ADS to obtain and/or extract information, content and services, as well as use automated data collection and selection applications to carry out mass operations or for any purposes to unauthorized or unlawful purposes.

In case of doubt, the USER must always contact HACKR ADS, through the contact channels available in item 8 of this document.

In view of the USER’s need for protection, HACKR ADS retains the right to block, restrict, disable, or prevent the access of any USER to the HACKR ADS platform, in whole or in part, without any prior notice, whenever an inappropriate conduct by the USER is found, without prejudice to the administrative, extrajudicial and judicial measures that it deems appropriate.

4. Features of the HACKR ADS Platform

HACKR ADS is a platform with several tools that have a single objective: to make USERS profit more from internet ads, investing less time and less money. HACKR ADS helps USERS to get their campaigns right faster, reducing the time with tests and accelerating their results, in addition to allowing them, through the audience search engine, to find niches that their competitors have not yet explored, reducing competition of their ads.

Thus, HACKR ADS seeks to offer, on its platform, some features that allow this automation and optimization of online ads, such as:

Target: audience search engine that allows the USER to have infinite access to all audiences to which he can advertise on Facebook;

Doctor: platform tab that allows the USER to analyze and optimize online ad campaigns;

Reports: advanced dashboard creation tool, through which it is possible to create 100% customized dashboards to analyze the USER’s performance metrics;

Keywords: tool that allows the USER a quick combinatorial analysis of keywords, ensuring coverage of their market in Google searches;

University: on the platform, the USER also has access to the University, which teaches, step by step, everything that HACKR ADS applies to dozens of customers to generate millions of billings through advertisements.

Studio: image and video editing tool, which allows the USER to create their own ads.

Store of Audiences: this tool is like a real library, which has 1875 hot audiences, allowing the USER to select which of these audiences he wants to use and share his ad accounts to start testing automatically.

It is important that the USER understands that this is a tool sold separately, according to conditions expressly defined in the specific offer page of the Store of Audiences, available on the HACKR ADS website. That is, to have access to this feature, which is operated through the HACKR ADS platform, the USER must contract one of the Plans available on this tool’s own offer page, which differ from the Plans defined in item 6 of this document. The Plans defined herein, therefore, do not encompass the Store of Audiences.

In addition to the access options informed, in the upper right corner of the page, by clicking on the registered username, the USER has the option of managing the account, through which it is possible to edit the available data and his access password.

The USER also has access to his plan, to Support, among other features.

In order to keep HACKR ADS even more interesting to the USER, several new features are implemented and validated continuously, integrating this instrument. It is also important to clarify that there may be disabling of features already available according to technological advances and their disuse, which does not imply a reduction in the service provided to the USER, given the continuous updates and new features proposed for the correct functioning for which it is proposed.

5. USERS Registration

To access the HACKR ADS platform and its features, it is essential to register. To register with HACKR ADS, data such as: full name, telephone number, number of employees of the company (in the case of a company), level of knowledge in online advertisements, among others necessary for the correct functioning of the HACKR ADS services, may be requested.

At the end of the registration, the USER declares that the information provided is complete, true, current and accurate, and that the user is fully responsible for frequently updating the registered data whenever there is any modification.

If the registration is carried out, the USER will concede express consent on the collection, use, storage, and processing of personal data by HACKR ADS and/or by third parties hired by it to carry out any procedure or process related to the HACKR ADS platform, including processing of payments, in view of conditioning the acceptance of data processing for the registration with the HACKR ADS.

Once the registration and purchase are completed, the USER will receive a confirmation email, which will contain the data to access the platform, namely, the registered email address and an automatically generated password. From then on, the USER simply enters the access link and logs in, being certain that they will be able to change their password in the account management option once the account has already been accessed.

It is forbidden to register USERS under the age of eighteen (18) on the HACKR ADS platform who are not duly accompanied or represented by their legal guardians at the time of registration.

6. Plan, Prices and Payments

HACKR ADS makes available, openly for contracting by any interested party, the Annual Plan, which allows the USER to have access to all the platform's functionalities, which includes access to Full Support; the ability to manage up to 700 ad accounts; and access to the entire University Hackr Ads.

The amounts to be paid by the USER, in this modality, will also be those expressly defined on the website of HACKR ADS at the time of contracting.

It is essential that the USER understand that the Annual Plan is a form of subscription, so that, once the contract is made, there will be automatic renewal, unless there is an express request to cancel the subscription before renewal, either by HACKR ADS or directly by Hotmart, a partner platform that manages and automates all payments.

Payment can be made in up to 12 (twelve) installments, but it is important that the USER understands that, if the USER chooses to pay in installments, if the renewal is canceled, the remaining installments will continue to be due, unless the warranty period is still in effect. This is due to the fact that the payment in installments is only a form of payment and cannot be confused with the monthly charge, usually used in monthly plans, not offered by HACKR ADS.

In addition to the Annual Plan, the USER can also access the platform through the Hotmart Plan, which, however, is not available for hiring by any interested parties, being necessary to observe the conditions detailed in item 6.1.

Finally, in exceptional situations, potential partners may contract the services of HACKR ADS under different conditions from those provided for in this instrument, provided that such conditions are previously negotiated between the Contracting Parties and are detailed in the Main Agreement. In this case, therefore, the partner must be guided by the specific conditions agreed with HACKR ADS.

6.1. Hotmart Plan – Subscribers “Premium Extensions”

In addition to the Annual Plan, which is openly available for contracting by any interested party, HACKR ADS has the Hotmart Plan, free of charge. This Plan, however, is restricted to subscribers of the “Premium Extensions” of the Hotmart platform, according to the conditions detailed below, and additionally, the conditions of the Hotmart platform.

In this modality, a maximum of 1 (one) User in the Organization and 1 (one) Advertising Account is accepted. In addition, the USER is offered the following features, and the respective limitations of use must be observed:

Doctor’s Diagnostics: 4 per month;

Ad Creation: 4 per month;

Keyword Generator: 4 per month;

Audiences of Interest Searcher: 4 per month;

Basic Report: 4 per month;

Hackr Ads University: Open Access;

Store of Audiences: 1 monthly credit.

The Hotmart Plan is an exclusive benefit for subscribers of “Premium Extensions” and can only be used under the conditions detailed above.

To enjoy open access, the USER must enter the “Premium Extensions” tab, which will provide a redirect link to a HACKR ADS registration page. On this page, the USER’s name and e-mail will be requested for the creation of the Access Account and, after that, he/she will be guided on the next steps to activate and use the Account.

If the USER wants to access the HACKR ADS features in an unlimited way, he/she must contract one the previously mentioned Annual Plan.

6.2. Additional Information on Warranty Period and Payments

If, for any reason, the USER does not want to keep his access to the HACKR ADS platform after making the payment of the Annual Plan, he will have a period of 07 (seven) calendar days to request the cancellation and receive back the full amount invested. Both after purchase and after any renewal, the 7-day warranty period remains.

It is important to highlight that this period of 07 (seven) days is in accordance with the provisions of the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code (Law 8,078, of September 11, 1990), due to the USER’s right of repentance of the purchase made.

In this case, the refund will be made as provided for in Hotmart’s Refund and Cancellation Policy, which, as mentioned, is the partner platform that manages and automates all payments.

It is important that the USER pay attention to also follow the Hotmart Terms of Use, in order to avoid any problems for the payment authorization.

HACKR ADS reserves the right to make unilateral changes in payment procedures and their respective amounts, at its discretion, always with adequate prior notice to registered USERS, who may freely choose to cancel or continue their access account.

In addition, HACKR ADS may also offer other plans, according to its own definitions, and they will have their conditions offered as an integral and inseparable part of this instrument, and the USER must approve them at the time of contracting.

7. Cancellation of HACKR ADS Access Account

In case the USER is interested in terminating the provision of services provided by HACKR ADS on its HACKR ADS platform, the request through the Hotmart platform, or HACKR ADS itself, will be sufficient. Cancellation implies the interruption of charges related to any renewal, which means that the remaining amounts of the active Plan will continue to be due.

8. Communications and Contact

Communications to be carried out by the USER with HACKR ADS to deal with the HACKR ADS platform may be carried out through the following channels:

HACKR ADS Service Page;

“Help” button on the login page;

“Help” button, when the USER is logged into the account.

The service channels are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The maximum response time for a ticket submitted on any day from Sunday to Thursday is 48 hours (2 days). As for chats sent on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays, the waiting time is about 96 hours (4 days).

If the platform is in an exceptionally high traffic period, the USER ticket will be immediately answered with a warning about the waiting list.

In case of other questions related to HACKR ADS communication channels and contact, we recommend that the USER access the link:


With regard to the communications that HACKR ADS wishes to make to the USER, all of them will be carried out securely, according to the registration and information provided by the USER towards HACKR ADS on the HACKR ADS platform.

Exceptionally, HACKR ADS will communicate with the USER by other means of communication, such as cell phone, SMS, MMS or physical correspondence.

9. Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability

9.1. Availability and Continuity of the SITE and Services

HACKR ADS will not be liable for damages caused to the USER as a result of the unavailability, failures of access and lack of continuity of the SITE and its services for reasons beyond its control or when voluntarily communicated in advance to the USER.

9.2. HACKR ADS Content

Based on the analysis of item 4 of this instrument, it is possible to understand the services offered by HACKR ADS within the scope of the HACKR ADS platform and which features are present in the Access Account.

In this regard, it should be clarified that HACKR ADS seeks to keep the HACKR ADS always updated, in the best possible way, being accurate and complete, but is not responsible for any inaccuracies, errors, fraud, inaccuracy or divergences in the data.

If any of the situations listed here are verified, the USER can contact HACKR ADS through Support so that it can be made aware of the situation and consequently remedy it, if applicable.

9.3. Integration with Facebook

The acceleration of results that the platform seeks to provide its USERS depends on a series of factors that are not linked solely and exclusively to HACKR ADS, such as the analysis and approval of advertisements carried out by Facebook.

In this sense, it is established that the performance of HACKR ADS is limited to the automation and optimization of advertising campaigns, which means that the platform does not have a feature to check whether the ads are in compliance with Facebook's Advertising Policies, consequently not having the prerogative to block any ad accounts. Facebook itself therefore performs the analysis of all ad accounts, which may result in the deactivation of accounts that do not comply with its rules.

HACKR ADS is also not responsible for any synchronization problems that may occur when integrating the USERS email lists with Facebook Ads, which is one of the features of the HACKR ADS platform described in item 4. Errors arising from the automations configured by the USER for campaign changes are also not the responsibility of HACKR ADS.

As for the data that the platform displays in its Data Analysis tool, it should be noted that they are provided directly by the Facebook API. In case of disparities between this data and the data displayed by Facebook itself, HACKR ADS has no responsibility.

HACKR ADS is not responsible for other external factors that are not linked solely and exclusively to the HACKR ADS platform, being that HACKR ADS has no control over the external scenarios in which its USERS are inserted, having no responsibilities over them.

9.4 USERS’ Conduct

The actions carried out by the USER through HACKR ADS are not covered by the responsibility of HACKR ADS, and the USERS are, therefore, at their own risk and by 

using the data made available on the platform according to their intended purpose.

The USER shall be responsible for the data and information manually entered in the HACKR ADS, considering that any wrong entry may lead to inadequate provision of the contracted service.

HACKR ADS will not be directly or subsidiarily liable for damages of any kind caused by third parties or misuse by the USER himself or for damages of any kind arising from the use of HACKR ADS due to the lack of veracity, authenticity or inaccuracy of the data informed, given the essential need for verification by the USER.

In case of non-compliance with this instrument and its accessories, with the guidelines provided by HACKR ADS and/or current regulations, HACKR ADS may, at its sole discretion, suspend or even delete the USER’s Access Account, performing blocking the USER for new registrations with HACKR ADS.

10. Duration and Updates

These Terms and Conditions of Use and its accessories have an indefinite duration and will remain in effect as long as the HACKR ADS platform, the HACKR ADS project itself and its features are active, considering the application of the wording of the access date on the platform, in the same way as access to the HACKR ADS platform and its features are of indefinite duration, at the sole discretion of HACKR ADS.

HACKR ADS reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel, unilaterally and at any time, access to the Access Account or to some of its parts or to some of its resources, with prior notice to registered USERS.

HACKR ADS also reserves the right to revise, improve, modify and/or update, unilaterally and at any time, any clause or provision contained herein. The updated version will be valid for the use of the platform and the continued access or use of the HACKR ADS, after the disclosure of any changes, will confirm the acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions of Use and its accessories.

If the USER does not agree with a certain amendment to the Terms and Conditions of Use and its accessories, he/she may terminate his/her relationship with HACKR ADS by requesting deletion of the Access Account in HACKR ADS through Support and request for payment cancellation through the Hotmart platform, as provided for in item 7, and is not obliged to accept it.

However, it is important to note that the request for cancellation due to a content change unilaterally carried out by HACKR ADS for access to HACKR ADS will not exempt the USER from complying with all obligations assumed under the preceding versions of the Terms and Conditions of Use and its accessories.

11. Personal Data, Privacy and Security

HACKR ADS undertakes to respect the Personal Data, Privacy and Security of USERS, always taking the necessary measures carefully to ensure the protection of its USERS when using HACKR ADS.

For full use of the platform, an Access Account is required with the registration of some personal information data of the USER. The data requested in the forms on the HACKR ADS platform serve for management, navigation and consultation of the page itself, as well as for management by the USER.

For the USER’s greatest peace of mind, HACKR ADS guarantees that personal data and information collected on the HACKR ADS platform will not be shared in violation of applicable legislation. Sharing may only take place in the cases expressly defined in the HACKR ADS Privacy and Security Policy.

The use of HACKR ADS implies the consent of the USER to collect, store and use the company or personal information provided and its updates, traffic data, IP addresses, among others that are necessary to enable the provision of services provided by the HACKR ADS platform.

Concerned with the security of the information that transits the HACKR ADS platform, HACKR ADS performs data storage on an outsourced server in the Cloud with SSL protection (encryption) and which has the most advanced security protocols, offering protection against attacks.

HACKR ADS has a specific policy to regulate the collection, storage and use of data, as well as its security; the HACKR ADS Privacy and Security Policy may be accessed at any time and is inseparably integrated into these terms.

12. Intellectual and Industrial Property

The use of the Trademarks and any intellectual and/or industrial property of HACKR ADS by the USER is not authorized without the prior and express authorization and approval of HACKR ADS, with all rights over them being protected.

The USER, when accessing the HACKR ADS platform, agrees that he will respect the existence and extent of the Intellectual Property rights of HACKR ADS, as well as all third-party rights that are used, in any capacity, on the platform or that may be made available in other ways.

Access to the HACKR ADS platform and its regular use by the USER does not grant him any right or prerogative on the use of any Intellectual Property, Brand or other content inserted therein.

The USER who violates the prohibitions contained in the applicable legislation on intellectual property, or in these Terms, will be held civilly and criminally liable for the offenses committed.

13. General Conditions

In case of problems with the HACKR ADS Access Account, the USER must contact HACKR ADS through its various means of communication available in item 8.

It is important to emphasize that none of the persons involved in this contract will be liable to the other when the non-compliance or untimely fulfillment of an obligation provided for in these terms and its accessories is caused by fortuitous cases or force majeure events, while their consequences lasted.

In addition, if, in an event, HACKR ADS is unable to enforce or comply with any clause or condition contained in these terms and its accessories, such fact will not constitute waiver, tolerance or novation of this clause or condition.

If any clause or condition contained in these Terms and its accessories is declared invalid, in whole or in part, such invalidity will not affect the other clauses of the terms and its accessories. In this case, HACKR ADS will make the necessary adaptations so that they reflect, as closely as possible, the terms of the provision declared unenforceable.

By accessing the platform, the USER agrees that, despite the differences that may exist between local, national and international legislation, the applicable legislation for the purposes of this Agreement and its accessories will be that in force in the Federative Republic of Brazil.

Thus, HACKR ADS, whose principle of action is respect for the USER, will always act in accordance with Brazilian law, especially with regard to the provisions of the Consumer Protection and Defense Code (Federal Law number 8,078 of 1990) , of the “Marco Civil da Internet” (Federal Law number 12.965 of 2014), of the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (Federal Law number 13.709 of 2018) and other rules relating to the trade of products and services in an electronic environment provided for in the Brazilian legal system.

Although the legislation applicable to this relationship is the one in force in Brazil, HACKR ADS assures its USERS that it is concerned and in line with the main international legislation that provides for data protection, such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). In addition to these, HACKR ADS is also attentive to the main international legislation that regulates the electronic commerce of products and services, aiming to establish the best possible relationship with its USERS, in a comfortable and secure manner.

We emphasize that, in the hiring of HACKR ADS carried out by the platform, the time in the capital of Brazil, Brasília, should be considered official.

Furthermore, if there are any doubts regarding the interpretation of this document, arising from the different versions in different languages, the provisions of the Portuguese language version should be considered, as this is the official version. The translations of the document into other languages are simply a way of facilitating the understanding of USERS who do not understand the Brazilian language, and the official version indicated above must always prevail.

14. Jurisdiction of Choice

The HACKR ADS platform is controlled, operated and managed by HACKR ADS in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and can be accessed by any device connected to the world wide web.

In this sense, HACKR ADS and the USER agree that, in case of disagreement regarding any points agreed in this instrument, which cannot be resolved amicably, the Judiciary of the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, will be competent to deal with the demand.

In the event of any disagreement, HACKR ADS will be available to resolve it, preferably, through negotiation, conciliation, and mediation before going to court, in favor of a peaceful and friendly solution.

Thus, the USER and HACKR ADS expressly agree to try to resolve any and all impasses by:

Extrajudicial contacts to carry out an amicable agreement, the USER being able to contact HACKR ADS through any of the options indicated in item 8 of this document;

Extrajudicial mediation, as a prior and mandatory means to attempt to resolve any impasse;

And, as a last resort, through a lawsuit, which, even so, will not prevent, at any time, the Mediation procedure from being resumed, in which case the court will be required to suspend the respective judicial process for a sufficient period for the consensual resolution of the conflict.